Partnering With A Blockchain Good News For Artists

Partnering With A Blockchain Good News For Artists

9.9.2021 | 05:59

TikTok, a streaming blockchain music service, announced on August 17 that it would partner with Audius to manage its extensive internal audio library. Audius wasn’t the right choice to partner with the short-video giant. It a digital music streaming startup that was found in 2018.

However, it is not one of the major streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. Audius is the first and only streaming platform to use blockchain technology.

Please Remind What Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a way to store data and transfer value without central ownership. These systems store transaction data in individual blocks, which are connect to each other by timestamps or unique identifiers to form chains. This means that each song has a unique code and clear records are kept for every play. This can also lead to more transparent and streamlined payments.

Spotify and Apple Music employ a pro-rata model to pay musicians. Artists get a share of the monthly platform revenues from subscription fees and ads. This base on how often their music has play. Independent artists and analysts have criticized the pro-rata model for maintaining a superstar economy in which the most well-known artists receive a majority of monthly revenues.

Audius’ blockchain-based system facilitates a user-centric model where artists get revenues from individual users who stream music. This means that artists receive more money from streaming their songs. While streaming giants have refused to give up pro-rata payments, Deezer, a French music streaming site with 16 million users monthly has made the first steps toward user-centric payments. It seems Tik Tok could be next.

How Does Blockchain TikTok Function?

TikTok has more than 800 million active monthly users and is a major force in the global music industry. Songs can used as background music for short videos on TikTok and they can even go viral. Presently, independent music cannot be place on TikTok without the assistance of a publisher. Companies like CD Baby and Tune Core either charge a fee or take a percentage of the revenues.

Audius will allow independent artists to upload their music to TikTok. This would be a huge boon for musicians, given the importance of music on TikTok as well as the platform’s tendency to not credit artists properly for their work.

Research into blockchain systems for book publishing has shown that the technology could lead to better tracking of intellectual property and higher royalty payments to independent authors. Independent musicians on TikTok may have the same opportunity, although there has been a history with overstated claims as well as unfulfilled promises. However, it is reasonable to expect that they will be able to track intellectual property more effectively.

Are These Fairer Payments?

TikTok has not indicated that it will use Audius Blockchain technology to create a user-centric revenue model. However, the inclusion of royalty payments for video plays is an acceptable expectation. Artists who paid via a platform such as Spotify are paid in cash. Audius, however, conducts blockchain transactions with its own cryptocurrency $AUDIO.

Cryptocurrencies can be describe as virtual currencies that are store on public ledgers and not in banks. They can use to facilitate transactions using blockchain systems. Audius cofounder claims that most users don’t know or aren’t intereste in cryptocurrency. However, the price of $AUDIO soared on the coin markets within minutes after the announcement.

Since cryptocurrencies are volatile, it is difficult to predict if an artist will receive $AUDIO in payments. Artists income will not only depend on how often they listen to their music, but also market speculation.

What Does This Blockchain All Mean For Artists?

Independent artists might be hesitant to accept payments via a digital currency decentralized, subject to fewer regulations. A user-centric model has its flaws. To truly test the model, it will require full cooperation from music publishers and record labels. Artists using different services would be in fundamentally unjustified circumstances.

Even TikTok doesn’t put all their eggs into the blockchain basket. TikTok formed partnerships with major labels, Indie consortia and music distributors in June 2020. In July 2021 TikTok announced a new partnership to Spotify to provide premium services exclusively for European artists.

After years of hype and empty promises about how blockchain would transform the music industry’s future, TikTok took a concrete step towards revealing what this future might look like for ordinary artists.


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Australians Are Mostly Watching TV Music Choir, Singing And Dancing

Australians Are Mostly Watching TV Music Choir, Singing And Dancing

9.9.2021 | 05:35

What are you doing to pass the time while locked down? Are you taking an online drawing course or a choir online? Maybe you were more interested in gardening or just decided to pick up a guitar.

It is well-known that creative activities can help us deal with difficult times. Engaging in the arts can improve our mental and physical well-being, increase our sense of accomplishment, and help us to overcome our challenges.

The Choir Arts Can Make Your Life Beautiful

We wanted to find out how Australians used art to escape lockdowns in 2020. We wanted to find out which art forms were most appealing to Australians and which ones helped them cope with lockdown.

Our research has shown that many Australians feel happier when they are involved in the arts. However, the most popular activities weren’t always the best for improving our well-being.

What Makes Choir You Feel Happier?

We conducted an online survey asking Australians what artistic and creative activities they were participating in during lockdown.

Participants were also asked to rank the effectiveness of their activities in making them feel better. We used measures for anxiety, depression and emotion regulation to identify the relationships between mental health, well-being, and arts engagement.

Watching films, television and listening to music were the most popular activities. Listening to music was the most effective activity in making participants feel better, but watching movies and television came in at more than half the top, with 18 out of 27.

Singing was second and dancing third in the list of most effective activities.

Choir Music’s Power

Watching movies and listening to music, reading, and listening to music are the most common activities. These activities can consider passive or receptive. This means that we engage with the artistic creations of others rather than creating our own art.

Receptive activities the most popular, as they can done easily from home. Passive activities are often not the most effective for helping us get through difficult times.

Because they encourage the exploration of new ideas, experiences, and possibilities, active arts activities can be beneficial. This in turn has positive cognitive, physical and emotional effects.

Listening Was A Different Activity Than Other Passive Arts

Music has been use for centuries as a coping mechanism. Music is use to control our emotions, to provide a place for healing and imaginative play.

Can be a great accompaniment to daily activities like cooking and household chores. It is much more enjoyable than watching TV or reading. This combination of aesthetic and pragmatic elements may be the source of some of music’s health benefits.

Our research also showed that depressed and anxious Australians are more likely to turn to music for emotional support or a coping mechanism than other people. Many people report that sad music can help them feel better.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, listening to sad music in a negative mood can lead to a positive outcome. This is called catharsis or processing.

People with depression should be cautious about listening to negative or sad music. Research suggests that people with depression may feel the negative effects of listening to sad music more than positive.

Get Up And Move

Participants who exercised more during the pandemic than they did before the outbreak fared significantly better when it came to mental health and well being.

This support is consistent with growing research that shows increased physical activity during lockdown can be a strong method to maintain mental health.

This also shows why dancing is so beneficial. Dancing is not only an artistic expression but can also be more effective than other forms exercise in reducing body fat. It is also link to many psychological and physical benefits.

Unfortunately, dancing was the most likely activity to have been stop under lockdown. Next came theatre rehearsals, performances, and singing.

Your Own Choir Artistic Assistant

Many people were force to quit performing theatre, dancing and singing during the COVID-19 pandemic. These activities can be very helpful in helping us get through difficult times.

This is why artistic creativity, and especially active activities like singing and dancing, are worthy of additional support. They are an important part of Australia’s mental healthcare response to COVID.

There are many online resources that will help you incorporate singing and dancing into your routines. The arts seem to always find a way.


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Mood, Music And Money Emotional Measure Nature Of Financial Markets

Mood, Music And Money Emotional Measure Nature Of Financial Markets

9.9.2021 | 04:53

Although we measure like to believe that our purchases are base on facts and rational calculations, the truth is that they are often influence by emotions. Are we thinking in terms cost and benefit when we spend on expensive food, clothes, and electronic gadgets? Or are we reacting to stress, frustration or joy?

Financial markets can also be subject to the same logic. The efficient markets hypothesis claims that stock prices driven purely by rational calculations. However, traders are humans and emotions can affect their decisions. These emotions reflected in the stock market?

This because emotions can’t be observe. Although emotions can be observe in actions, not all actions e.g. aggressive behaviour or language can be capture by data. What if you could measure the mood in a country, and then link it to financial market behaviour? This is possible thanks to Spotify.

The Journal of Financial Economics published our research that used music as a measure of national sentiment and market behaviour. This research is based on the idea of mood congruence, where music choices can reflect people’s moods. For example, sad songs at funerals or happy songs at parties.

Spotify offers aggregated listening data for a country as well as an algorithm to classify the positive or negative aspects of each song. These inputs are use to calculate music sentiment, which is a measure the country’s overall sentiment express in the positiveness of its citizens songs.

What Is The Most Common Way To Measure Sentiment?

Investor sentiment can be define as the general feeling among investors about a market or asset. Although this definition is well-accept, it is difficult to find an accurate measure that isn’t influence by economics poker pelangi.

Natural measures such as consumer confidence, GDP growth and unemployment have direct economic impacts. For example, an increase in consumer confidence may not necessarily mean that emotions are directly affecting the stock market. The rise could instead be explain by an improvement in business and employment conditions on which the index is based. Another option is to search for other mood indicators that can be use as indicators of national sentiment.

Research on investor sentiment used shocks to measure national mood, but not the economy. This includes the results of major sporting tournaments. Other factors can also affect mood. A country might lose a sporting game, but also experience falling COVID cases. Our alternative method of measuring mood using Spotify data is to use national Spotify data.

Music Can Use To Measure Emotions

Music listening data can be problematic because people might choose to listen to music that is not suited to their moods, such as upbeat music to soothe a low mood. This is not true, as we show. Music sentiment is stronger during longer, sunnier days. These are high-spiritual periods that have been proven to increase mood, according to research.

Our study is unique because it identifies a measure that reflects a national mood. Regardless of the cause, whether it was soccer results or COVID cases, citizens’ music choices reflect their mood. Spotify listening data has been proven to be more accurate than traditional consumer confidence surveys in predicting consumer confidence.

Stock Markets React Too Strongly To Sentiment

We found that higher sentiment correlates with higher stock market returns. This also results in lower returns the following week, suggesting that the initial reaction to the stock market was temporary. These results could be argued to show a spurious correlation similar to the Super bowl effect, where the winner of the Super bowl predicts the US stock market, even though there is no rationale or behavioural reason for it.

Our results are consistent across 40 countries, and we do not believe that outliers have influenced the data. The result is also robust across all asset classes. Our main results are based on stocks but we also found that high music sentiment associate to greater equity mutual fund purchases. A high music sentiment correlates with lower returns on government bonds. This indicates that investors are switching from safe bonds to risky stocks.

Music Measure Sentiment Is Important

Our study does not aim to identify a profitable trading strategy. We don’t recommend that investors calculate the sentiment of music and use it as a predictor for the stock market. Instead of using a new measure that reflects national sentiment, which is available in 40 countries worldwide, we want to demonstrate how emotions affect the stock exchange. Investors should be aware of their emotions when making investment decisions.

Our research also suggests that sentiment could drive the rise in stock prices for electric vehicles and artificial intelligence products. Investors should avoid buying into a bubble and selling during a crash. This study also demonstrates the power and utility of big data to uncover aggregated ongoing sentiment. Music not only enjoy all the time, unlike sporting events that rare. Music is a universal language that allows us to compare national sentiments around the globe.


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