Inflatable Travel Pillows – The Most Comfortable

Take a moment to think about your comfort next time you travel on a plane or long distance. Even those who are seasoned travelers will tell you that traveling is not enjoyable if they spend too much time in discomfort. While comfort may not be an issue if you are only taking a day trip, savvy travelers will realize that sleeping is part of a longer journey

An inflatable travel pillow is the one accessory that makes it much more comfortable to sleep on a long-haul trip. It’s difficult to fall asleep upright, if not impossible. Your neck muscles support your head and relax when you go to sleep. It is not helpful to put a pillow behind the neck. This makes it more difficult for your head to not flop forward. Without a pillow, your head will have a tendency to drop from side to side.

There are not many options for inflatable travel pillows, which is surprising when you consider the number of people who travel long distances each day. Skyrest is the travel pillow with the best reviews and ratings. This travel pillow addresses the sleep challenge in a different way than other brands. This pillow is not designed to make sitting upright more comfortable. You inflate the pillow, then place it onto your lap or on an airplane tray. Next, you inflate the pillow and place it on either your lap or the airplane tray.