There are many misconceptions regarding online security – Here’s what you need to know to keep your PC safe

Many computer users fantasize about keeping their computers safe. It is possible to make this a reality. What if you only have to do a few actions to secure your computer? It doesn’t matter what you do, there are still many misconceptions that computer users don’t know about. You should now think about this and try to avoid repeating the same error. See usergorilla to get more info.

Online Security: Misunderstandings

Your PC will be more vulnerable to infection if you’re not careful. Hackers could infect your computer with viruses if they find security holes. The result is a slower PC, computer crashes or even theft. Unfortunately, most people don’t take this as a given and misunderstand computer Online Security in these three areas:

No. 1 I don’t connect other internet so that my surfing is safe.

While surfing the net, you absolutely must have an internet connection. However, even if you use your own laptop for this purpose, there are still the same points between your computer and that displayed in Business Internet Central. Your laptop is open to all viruses, and you cannot stop them from infecting your computer with the simple statement “I have not connected other internet”. The truth is that you can’t stop surfing the net once you join the big computer family. This is a good example: If your PC connects to internet via DSL or cable modern, it could be attacked more often than once a day.

No. 2 I use dial up networking to be safe online.

You would be wrong to believe that dial-up networks are safe. Your IP address changes every time that you dial-up and surf the internet. Although hackers are unlikely to gain access to your machine through dial-up networking while you surf the internet, some hackers can search thousands of IP addresses per hour. This is still very dangerous online.

No. 3 Fire Wall works great and I don’t need to purchase any additional security tools for my PC.

Sincerely, your thinking is incomplete. Fire Wall comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Fire Wall alone will not allow you to prevent a bad event from happening. Fire Wall must be updated to fix any bugs as soon as possible in order to have the most powerful function. Fire Wall does not block all attacks from the internet. Fire Wall cannot stop viruses/spyware infections.